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Paper Planes Photography

is the brainchild of two hopeless romantics Ritam and Oitri.

Paper Planes Photography is a huge family comprising of talented co-workers and clients and what has remained unchanged throughout the years is the undying devotion towards creating and exploring. If one asks what exactly Paper Planes Photography is, we would say it’s a medium of spreading love and fabricating the chronicles of love with passion and professionalism.

AyushAnanya PreWedding (16)
GauravSoma PreWedding (10)
GauravSoma PreWedding (8)
SubhamNidhi (8)
Sayantani X Rahul (33)
Sayantani X Rahul (18)
Piush X Manisha (3)
Arunima X Puneet (27)
Arunima X Puneet (18)
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