First of all, let’s reframe the question a bit. There is no hard and fast rule that red “must” be the colour of your wedding dress, you are free to choose any colour. But we can explain to you why most Indian brides choose the colour red for their big day and then you can make a final call.

It is believed that the colour red has some deep meanings and symbols attached to it. Let’s delve a bit deeper into these symbolisms, shall we?

  • Good Luck– in Indian culture, red symbolises good luck and thus traditional wedding sarees or lehengas are generally red in colour. It is believed that if a bride wears red on her wedding, it will bring good fortune for the bride as well as the groom.
  • Passion and love– for decades, red has been strongly associated with passionate love. Therefore, at times a red wedding dress is interpreted as the love a bride has for her groom.
  • Boldness– Let’s not argue on the fact that red looks good on everybody. Red, irrespective of any parameter, looks glamorous and royal. Thus, thousands of brides over centuries have chosen red as their colour on their D Day. 
  • Culture– Although in the recent decades we have seen Indian brides mostly wearing red for their wedding but that was not always the scene. In the past, the red colour on the wedding day was only restricted to monks and hermits. During the 16th century, the Mughal Era, the brides in India started choosing red as their wedding colour. 

Wearing white on your wedding day is quite a western concept. Up until the contemporary brides started toying with the tradition, red was the only choice brides had. Several designers have helped the Indian brides to overcome their dilemma about choosing their colour for a day so crucial. We have jotted down some questions and answers to relieve some of your obvious anxieties.

  • Is it mandatory for me to wear red for my wedding ceremony?
    • The shortest answer possible is, NO. It’s your day and your choice. Especially nowadays when inter-religion marriages are no longer treated as a disgrace, wearing a neutral colour will help you pay homage to both the religions. According to the latest statistics, a trend of wearing pastel colours for wedding ceremonies was also noticed. A wedding dress is not only about traditions and religions, it’s more about individualism.
  • What if I want to incorporate the colour red in any other form other than my outfit?
    • If you are not vibing with the colour red as your outfit, no sweat. There are several other ways in which you can incorporate red in your wedding. A simple red dupatta, or a statement red shoe can glam up your whole look and as well as help maintain your tradition as well.
  • Do I need to wear red for my reception ceremony as well?
    • On the contrary, most brides tend to stray from wearing red on their reception. It is seen that brides prefer to wear deep colours like emerald green, ultramarine blue, etc. or neutral colours for their reception ceremony.
  • Are there any restrictions on colours that I should refrain from wearing at my wedding?
    • As stated above, there are no restrictions. But to avoid any controversy, the fashion designers mostly avoid the colour white as a wedding outfit because white is the colour worn in Indian funerals.

We hope all these tips will come in handy when you are choosing the colour for your big day!

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