From our years of experience, we have noticed a general trend in the wedding projects we have worked on. Do you know what the trend is? Any guesses? Well, if you guessed that the trend is a series of photographs depicting the moments just before the bride and the groom tie the knot, you are right! To brief it down, yes we are talking about getting ready photos.

Honestly, we absolutely love capturing these moments too as these moments are filled with laughter, giggles, nervousness, and as well as some tears. The preparation that goes behind the full transformation into brides and grooms is totally worth capturing, and according to us, all couples should capture these and definitely include these to their wedding albums!

We have jotted down our ideas of the must haves from this series:

  • The bridal lehenga: This ought to be the most common picture we all have seen in any wedding album. But this picture holds a very special place in the hearts of the brides as so much goes behind selecting that “perfect” lehenga for her D Day. 
  • The quintessential veil shot: There is something magical about the veil shots. From times immemorial, brides have been taking enchanting portraits with their veils on and it’s gorgeous. We advise every bride to make sure you too have a picture in this pose.
  • Feel royal: This is not a suggestion. This is a necessity. Whenever a bride gets fully ready to step down the aisle, she looks beautiful, confident, and most importantly ROYAL. Not taking a full portrait of the bride in her ideal bridal outfit, jewellery, and make up would be a huge mistake.
  • The jewellery ensemble: Every woman loves her jewellery and the history that comes with her prized heirlooms. A shot that focuses on her jewelleries that she has found after a lot of trial and error ought to be special.
  • The groom’s sherwani: Why should girls have all the fun? The D-Day is equally important for the groom as he too is stepping into a new life. A shot of the groom’s sherwani is too a must have.
  • Capturing the art: A bride on her wedding day is an ART, and you know what enhances that art? The Make Up Artist, aka, the MUA. Its her/his/their efforts and skills that makes you glow like a goddess. So a close up of the bride’s face is also a tribute to the make-up artists involved in the process of carefully curating the bride.
  • The emotions: We have seen that when the final bindi is placed on the bride’s forehead or when the groom finally wears his shoes to step out of the make-up room, there is a moment when the mother and the bride or the groom share a glance that speaks, “Look I have seriously grown up.” It is a privilege every time we get to witness this moment and capturing this extremely special moment is something we cannot explain.

These were some tips and tricks that Paper Planes Photography has learnt from its years of experience in the field and is now sharing with its readers. All the pictures attached to the blog are from our archives. If you too want such gorgeous and creative pictures from your wedding day, well, what are you waiting for? Quickly drop a message or mail us and become a part of the P3 family.

Sincerely  ~ Pratyusha
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