संग चलेंगे यूँ ही आसमान हो या हो ज़मीन बिन तेरे कुछ भी नहीं ज़िन्दगी दो किनारे भी हैं हम मगर हाँ इस क़दर साथ चलना कोई कम तो नहीं 

When it’s time for two soulmates to meet, they shall, and no force in this world can stop them. Let us introduce you to the two characters of this wedding, Durba and Sushim. Durba is adorably sweet and probably one of the most patient woman one will ever encounter. She is calm and composed and is a hassle fixer.

Sushim on the other hand is a workaholic and can sit in front of the laptop day in and day out, he is a ranter and even he is a problem solver. Now, do you get a hint of how this chemistry became strong? Umm… no? No sweat, we are always here for you. Though Durba and Sushim met at a friend’s birthday party, their bond grew stronger while resolving a friend’s problem. Anyway, they never thought that they will ever end up marrying but they were best friends. But becoming best friends, then falling in love, and then becoming partners in crime, we all know the drill.

Paper Planes Photography wishes Durba and Sushim all the happiness in the world and we hope they will cross all the hurdles in their life quite easily. Paper Planes Photography is primarily known for its handcrafted wedding films and photography and has an experience of over a decade. Contact Paper Planes Photography to make your special day even more remarkable and magical.

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