फिर ले आया दिल मजबूर क्या कीजे रास न आया रहना दूर क्या कीजे दिल कह रहा उसे मुकम्मल कर भी आओ वो जो अधूरी सी बात बाकी है वो जो अधूरी सी याद बाकी है वो जो अधूरी सी याद बाकी है 

“After all this time? Always.” As a kid, we all remember having our middle school crush moments, and the kids who were more courageous passed on notes saying “I love you”. Soumya was one such brave kid who casually wrote “I love you” on a piece of paper that was destined for Arinjita and not only was Soumyo brave, he was lucky too because Arinjita accepted his proposal on the very same day.

But as we all know, life is not that smooth! When parents from both sides got to know about these two lovebirds, their relationship came to an end.

Till now, the story seems pretty common, right? But we are sure, that the next bit might surprise you all.

After 14 long years, in 2020, Arinjita and Soumya their paths crossed once again, and well, you are watching their wedding video right now. We do not know whether this was fate or purely coincidental, but Paper Planes Photography is very proud to cover this warm couple’s wedding who find completeness in each other’s laughter. Much love and well wishes to Arinjita and Soumya for their new journey together!

Sincerely  ~ Pratyusha
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