Aman and Sneha

तुम जब पास आती हो
पलकों से मुस्कुराती हो
हवाएँ भी गुनगुनाती हैं
तुम जब पास आती हो

Story of an amazing amalgamation of the glow of an introvert and the sparkle of an extrovert.

College buddies who were scared to talk to each other are now exchanging vows and are madly in love. Isn’t that beautiful? Well, this is the sweet bond that Aman and Sneha have.
Aman, a sensitive, caring, funny, and apparently extroverted guy met Sneha, the cute yet introverted girl. They had their first conversation at a college party and this marked the beginning of their friendship and there was no turning back.
Gradually, with time, they both starting understanding each other and sensed a connection. And that’s it! They never had another dull moment in their life.
Paper Planes Photography wishes this sweet couple, all the best for their married life, and also hopes that Aman successfully masters cooking Bengali dishes to amaze his charming wife.
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Photo and Video by Paper Planes Photography

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