Wedding Invitation Cards – 7 things to keep in mind!

Printing wedding invitation cards is one of the most important to-do when planning your wedding. It comes just after you finalize your wedding dates and venues. So here are some do’s and don’ts when selecting or designing your own WEDDING INVITES.

  1. Too late ?

One of the earliest mistakes that couples make is not starting the invitation process soon. I mean, it obviously doesn’t make sense to start printing the cards 12 months before the wedding and start sending them to the invitees 6 months in advance. But you should at least start drafting the invites 3 months before the wedding or as soon as the venue is booked. ‘Cause it will take some good time to be made (at least 3 weeks) which is a great period to retouch, re-see, and recheck the invitations for any mistake.

2. Simple is the new sexy

You’ll see everyone making their wedding cards fill with new colours and objects. A coloured wedding card is always a good option, but it gets a li’l tacky sometimes trying to look more colourful. Always keep a balance in your colours. Keep it bright and simple. Just remember where the world is busy following trends, be the trendsetter. Simplicity is any day better.


3. Details… Arghh ! Too much ?

It’s pretty much obvious getting hyped and mentioning everything related to the marriage in your wedding card (sometimes also the points which are not needed) which results in overcrowding and looks shabby. You’ll eventually miss the most important points trying to cover everything else. So, keep it simple, keep it on point.

4. SPELLINGS !!!!!

After writing everything important and keeping everything on point with simplicity covering your wedding card, the only thing you’ll not want is missing out on the spellings of those who you are inviting. Recheck everything but NEVER EVER EVER EVER misspell your invitees. Trust me, it really matters.

5. Over-ordering or less ordering ?

A dilemma of over-ordering the invites and less ordering the invitation cards is won by rounding off the both of them. You’ll not want to order extra cards which will not be needed and you’ll never want to be short on your wedding invites. Keep a good estimate of the number of people you want to invite, and then kickstart the process of the invites, not the other way round. It’s always safe to keep an extra than lesser!


6. Money…….

If you’re arranging a wedding strictly based on your budget, then this point is for you. If you don’t want to spend much on the wedding cards, you can go to a digital store and print a handfew of simple wedding cards and give it to your near and dear ones. Just remember at the end of the day- what matters is your wedding, not the fancy li’l cards.

7. Always proof-read, ALWAYS !!!

This is one of the most important mistake you’ll not wanna do after putting so much time & effort making your wedding card. Always recheck the whole thing. Then crosscheck it with someone else, especially the venues, dates and the names of the invitees. Also you’ll not want your relatives to correct your grammatical errors in front of everybody. So, pick up the Grammar Nazi in your family and put them to work.


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