10 wedding planning tips – to make your day special

The season of a man going a bit too far from his bachelor degree and a woman getting close to her master degree is arriving soon. Yes fellas! The marriage season is almost knocking at the door and all you need is a marriage coordinator to meet all your expectations you have from the very young age regarding the most beautiful day of your life. This article presents ten mind-boggling ideas to make your marriage a beautiful story to live with.

10 marriage planning tips – to make your day special

Checklist updates

As marriage means overflowing guests for at least two-three days, you should always maintain a checklist. It’s always a better idea to keep in mind that at least ten percent of the invited guest won’t be able to make it. But always be ready to welcome surprise guests.

Choosing the most appropriate date

Even after being all set to make the wedding a successful story, at times it becomes dull and monotonous, due to bad climatic condition. Be it the examination session, year ending exertion or traffic related tension, choose the dates wisely.

10 marriage planning tips – to make your day special

The yummy session

Food is the most important thing to look after, if you’re concerned about making your guests happy. When it’s about food, it’s always better to have an idea about the quantity and taste before dishing it up.

Be a trendsetter

Wedding session means the liberty to be ultra fashionable and bring out the ultimate fashionistas in the spotlight. Nothing can be better than deciding a particular theme for your wedding and be an innovator.

10 marriage planning tips – to make your day special

Hire the perfect make-up artist

When it’s about making the day beautiful, don’t even try to experiment with your look. Hire a professional groomer who knows how to bring out the best version of you by applying simple tricks.

Time management and organisation

The key to make any event reach the height of success is giving it a structure and then working on it. Don’t be too strict while making the schedule, as it’s very difficult to maintain one and make everyone happy simultaneously. Be efficient, be unbeaten.

Wedding photographers- the best way to captivate the moments

Nothing can be more precious, than the moments you share with your family on the auspicious occasion of being together. The one and only way to captivate the beautiful moments so that you can cherish your memories later on is hiring wedding photographers. They do the magic through their creativity and a simple shutter button.

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Being pocket friendly

During planning the overall expenses, do consider an affordable budget plan and try to stick with the idea of using money in the most proficient way.

The dos and don’ts

  • Do expect rejection.
  • Do keep smiling
  • Do think twice before spending money, be cost-efficient.
  • Do keep a check on the payments.
  • Don’t be pessimistic.
  • Don’t be clumsy- keep calm and work with a positive mind.

Enjoy the moments –it’s your day

As it’s the most awaited day of your life, you surely don’t want to miss out any important points to make it even better. But don’t take many responsibilities on yourself, hire trustworthy people for different sections, sit back and enjoy your day.

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