“After all this time? Always.” As a kid, we all remember having our middle school crush moments, and the kids who were more courageous passed on notes saying “I love you”. Soumya was one such brave kid who casually wrote “I love you” on a piece of paper that was destined for Arinjita and not only was Soumyo brave, he was lucky too because Arinjita accepted his proposal on the very same day.


Honestly, we absolutely love capturing these moments too as these moments are filled with laughter, giggles, nervousness, and as well as some tears. The preparation that goes behind the full transformation into brides and grooms is totally worth capturing, and according to us, all couples should capture these and definitely include these to their wedding albums!


Pre-wedding photoshoots were a rare luxury that not all couples used to relish but couples nowadays understand the importance of capturing the precious moments right before two beautiful souls are hitched for an eternity. Pre-wedding photoshoots are now on the top of the to-do lists of every couple.

One can strike the signature couple poses in his or her pre-wedding couple shoot and by hiring a professional photographer, one can not only ensure high quality pictures, but also, a photographer can help you direct your poses as well as help you bring out your personality and highlight your creativity.
However, if you are still hesitant to take the plunge, we have enlisted a few pointers for you to help you take your decision about pre-wedding photoshoot.


तू होगा ज़रा पागल, तूने मुझको है चुना तू होगा ज़रा पागल, तूने मुझको है चुना कैसे तूने अनकहा, तूने अनकहा सब सुना तू होगा ज़रा पागल, तूने मुझको है चुना तू दिन सा है, मैं रात आना दोनों मिल जाएँ शामों की तरह
~Neighbors to childhood friends to teenage lovers and finally MARRIED!
Paper Planes Photography recently covered the wedding ceremony of Gargi and Rajarshi, two very ordinary people from Kolkata, who promised to stay in love.
They know each other since an eternity and have never given up on each other. People say, it’s tougher to stay in love than to fall in love, but our couple right here is proving them wrong each and every day of their lives.
Paper Planes Photography promises to create magic with one of the finest handcrafted wedding film and photography to make your D-Day even more memorable.

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WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO FALL IN LOVE? Well I came homeLike a stoneAnd I fell heavy into your armsThese days of dustWhich we’ve knownWill blow away with this new sun ~right people, perfect time, and blissful connection can result

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